Parents YOU Need This: South Carolina Academic Calendar at Your Finger Tips!

Yes I am a realtor but more importantly, I am a single mother of two amazing little girls (Katie and Becky) that keep me on my toes.  

From getting them dressed, pushing them out the door to catch the bus, assisting with homework, running to soccer practice, and putting them to bed....well, like you I am exhausted.  Yes!  I said it.    

With their schedule plus mine, it is hard to guess what is next on the agenda especially when you have to factor in teacher workdays, holidays, early outs, and late ins for the school districts.  

Admit it.  There has been a time or two when you wake up and realize "oh crap, the kids are out of school and I completely forgot!" 

This is where I can help.  And no, I am not offering to babysit!

I have created the following FREE SC Academic Google Calendars so you know ahead of time when to schedule your vacations, ask mom to babysit, or when to stock up on PBJ so that you don't have to hang out at Chic-fil-a with 500 other kids.  

This is super easy:  click the link to the school district that child attends and press the + Google Calendar in the bottom right of the box.  Wa-lah!  All done.  You can delete the calendar when your child graduates!

Berkeley County Academic Calendar

Charleston County Academic Calendar

Dorchester 2 Academic Calendar

I will update every year when the school calendar is published.  I will add additional districts just let me know which calendar you would like to see.

Please share this post with other family and friends that will benefit from knowing when the minions will be home. 

Have a great school year!!!

See the Add Button...super easy!  

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