Park Circle - An afternoon at Locals

Local's in Park Circle

Park Circle is full of trendy restaurants, breweries, parks, and people. It's the newest restaurant, Local's, that has filled a long-needed void for sushi lovers in the area. Nestled in the midst of the growing Mixson neighborhood, it's the perfect place for nearby residents to walk or ride their bicycles to enjoy fresh creative sushi. But how does Local's differ from the many sushi filled restaurants surrounding the tri-county area? Well, it's also a sports bar. Yes, a sports bar. I was a little skeptical of the idea at first yet every time I return, there is an abundance of sports fans enjoying their favorite games and digging into delicious food. While the sushi is nothing short of amazing, the other items such as the Caribean Jerk Pork Tacos and the Honey Jalapeno Fried Chicken Sandwich are sure to please as well. Aside from the food the atmosphere is excellent and the view of the modern yet historic style Charleston homes are something to enjoy. It was the perfect place for us to stop in and enjoy the weekend. 

To check it out for yourself, visit or head over to 4399 McCarthy St, North Charleston, SC

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