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Tis the season! Love our community and all the festivities in our town this time of year! Can't help but jump right into the holiday spirit. My family and I have been calling Summerville home going on 10 years. I came across this Facebook Post on Positively Summerville and I just had to share with you.  Summerville Dream is a "secret" that needs to be told! My brokerage recently hosted a Builders Expo and all profits went to the Summerville Dream.  We believe in what they do and want to partner with them to empower them to keep going! This Summerville resident put right into words what we should all know! Hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing you at the Summerville Skates!  The e-mail you received should have the discount code, if you did not receive it please email me at [email protected]

Yajaira Gaines, Realtor


An open letter to our Town Council:

Good Evening,

I am Hunter Jackson. Granted, a newer resident of Summerville, my family of 4 and I have become enamored.

Growing up and originally raising my family in Irmo and Lexington, I thought I knew what living in communities which took Southern Hospitality seriously were like. I never knew what it was really like until relocating to Summerville early last year.

While figuring out where we wanted to live, we rented on the 10k block of Dorchester Road. Working for a new construction builder, we had always lived in mega neighborhoods. However, bit by bit we found ourselves driving to Downtown Summerville each evening for the events as well as the day to day dinner, shopping, and simple living.

I am the proud father of two Autistic children. One of them non-verbal who also has ADD and a few other developmental disorders. Most people and businesses Downtown know Noah and Riley on a first name basis and many know their breakfast and ice cream order by heart. This is why we made our home on East First North Street as one of the few remaining owner occupants.

When people talk about DREAM, they typically speak of the money and business they bring Downtown. While this is upmost in importance, I speak to you as a Father and a member of this Downtown community. While the economic impact is of the upmost importance, as I am sure many of my neighbors and friends will tell you about, I want a brief moment to speak to you on the personal impact.

Noah would rarely leave our house without a meltdown when we lived in Lexington. Meltdown typically meant I would have a broken nose, black eye, or even a broken orbital. We didn’t eat out except at one restaurant. As I said earlier, most servers at Eva’s, Sweetwater 123, Cuppa Manna, Montreaux, Shuckin Shack, and especially Guerin’s and Simply Treasures know him by name. He has been ice skating 3 times. Scared to death the first, he pushed through it and grew as a person. He is non-verbal and can not express himself verbally, however I know his face, his determination. This community has made him grow.

Riley didn’t talk until she was nearly 4. All she could do today at the Christmas Parade was scream “Merry Christmas”, and we are Jewish, while making new friends and dancing. Granted, she did run about 100 yards too far after some bubbles, She could tell you more about Summerville than most people who volunteer at the museum. She proudly exclaimed to each person she met that, “I live Downtown”, while pointing down East First North.

They know, even at 6 and 8, what it means to live Downtown. It isn’t a location, it’s a community. It’s a community that welcomes anyone and everyone.

What does that have to do with DREAM? Everything. This organization brings our family out of our house, away from the IPAD, into public where they interact with real people and learn what it means to be a citizen. The doctors may say my 8 yr old son is on the same level as an average 18 month old, however, I guarantee you he embodies the spirit of Summerville and what DREAM has set out to do more than any adult out there.

As a father, I humbly ask you to provide Summerville DREAM full funding at their requested level. Our future depends on it.

Nicholas Hunter Jackson

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